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Reptile Expo

The  SOS² Reptile Expo is the largest Reptile Expo of it’s kind in South Africa, attracting visitors from all over the country and abroad. Thousands of people have attended our expos over the years to browse our exhibitors offerings or to see all manner of fascinating reptiles on display.



Spring Reptile Expo 2024










About The SOS² Reptile Expo


SOS² Reptile Expo has proven to be the biggest expo of its kind in South Africa.

One is guaranteed to see a larger variety of reptiles on display than what any snake park or zoo in South Africa has to offer.

Besides animals being sold, there are also a variety of cages, enclosures and accessories available, as well as clothing and educational courses being advertised.

The SOS² Reptile Expo has been actively involved in reptile removals throughout Gauteng province, with a country wide database for problem reptile removals, as well as presenting various talks and presentations about reptiles. We are also on call for any medical emergency as a result of snake bite.

The expo has a dual purpose. One is to raise reptile awareness in the pet trade, and the wild. The other is to provide a venue for the sale of captive bred exotic reptiles for the pet trade.



SOS² Reptile Expo In The Media

SOS² Reptile Expo’s profile is such that we attract international exposure on various media platforms.

Are You Attending The Next SOS² Reptile Expo?

Pointers To Remember

Here are a few pointers to remember: When attending the Reptile Expo, please do not bring your own reptiles / pets along with you. Remember that it is stressful for your animal. All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. No venomous snakes will be sold to children under the age of 18 or without the consent of and in the presence of their parents. When making a purchase, ensure that you transport them safely and securely to their new home. Please do not leave a reptile in a car in the sun.

All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please do not leave your reptiles in a car in the sun.

"This has been an absolutely amazing time here. It's inspiring to see a market like this exploding."


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