SOS² Reptile Expo

Rules of the Expo


  • Only official exhibitors are permitted to sell at the expo.
  • All animals must be kept in secure containers.
  • No visitor pets allowed, including “pick-ups or drop offs”.
  • No handling of venomous snakes in the venue, or on the property.
  • Once you have left the exhibition hall, please ensure you do not take the reptiles and other live purchases into the Casino area.
  • All rights reserved. SOS², the organizers, venue staff and management shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage, loss of property or injury of any nature, or death suffered by any person entering these premises or the use of any facilities offered, whether caused as a result of negligence of the management, staff or vendors due to any cause whatsoever.
  • Handling any animals is done so at own risk. SOS², the organizers, the venue staff and management shall not be held responsible and disclaims all liability for injury or damage, whether direct or consequential, while visiting the facilities.
  • No photographs allowed without exhibitor permission.
  • In case of emergency, contact 083 374 7087 or 083 739 9303.




  • R 70.00 per adult,
  • R 40.00 per child (Under 12).
  • Children under 4 years old enter for free.

Tickets are paid for at the door or online.




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