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Will indigenous reptiles be on sale?

No, indigenous reptiles require permits in Gauteng.

Can I buy snake food like rats, mice and frogs.

Frozen rats and mice are allowed to be sold. No other live vertebrates other than reptiles are allowed to be sold.

Are there any other exotic animals for sale?

Tarantulas and other invertebrates will be for sale. Birds, monkeys, tenrecs, chinchillas, etc. are not allowed.

Can I bring my own reptiles with?

No visitor pets are allowed (includes dogs, cats, monkeys, sugar gliders, etc).

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How should I transport my purchases?

All reptiles have to be sold in containers and venomous snakes have to be in sealed containers. Place them in the shaded area of the car and drive home straight away. Even stopping for a few minutes and leaving the reptiles in a closed car can cause them to over heat and die. If you can place them inside a cooler box or even just in a thick cardboard box will be much better than leaving them open while driving home.

Do I get any sort of guarantee with the reptiles I buy?

Livestock does not have any guarantee and it is up to the buyer to make sure it is the type and gender that they wanted before leaving the expo. Dry goods will have to be cleared with the supplier on purchase. Ensure you have the exhibitors contact details should you need it in future.

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What time does the expo open and close?

See advertising material.

If I pay for the Saturday can I come in for free on the Sunday again?

No, each day requires an entrance fee being paid. If you have paid for any given day you can leave and come back again on the same day. Just make sure you get a stamp on arrival or on leaving.

Can I pay with a credit card or cheque?

Most exhibitors will have credit card facilities available however cash is the easiest method of payment.

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May I take photographs?

No photographs are allowed without the exhibitors permission. If your flash is affecting the animals the owners may ask you to stop. Please heed these requests.

Can I hand out business cards or flyers to exhibitors and patrons?

No, we do not allow it.

Can I bring my reptiles to be sexed?

Yes, provision can be made for this although prior approval from the organisers must be obtained in writing.

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How often are the expos held?

The SOS² Reptile Expo is held once a year in the Convention Center at Emperors Palace, as well as the Spring Reptile Expo and Xmas Reptile Expo, which is held at the Red Roman Shed, at Emperors Palace.

How far is the airport and accommodation?

Emperors Palace is a short journey from OR Tambo Airport and accommodation is available at Emperors palace. There is a shuttle bus running between the airport and Emperors Palace throughout the day.

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