The SOS² Reptile Expo 

Additional Information

Reptile Removals In Gauteng

SOS² has been actively involved in reptile removals throughout Gauteng, with a country wide database for problem reptile removals, as well as presenting various talks and presentations about reptiles. We are also on call for any medical emergency as a result of snake bite.

Raising Awareness

The expo has a dual purpose. One is to raise reptile awareness in the pet trade, and the wild. The other is to provide a venue for the sale of captive bred exotic reptiles for the pet trade.

Emperors Palace – Our Venue of Choice

The expo’s new home is at the luxurious Emperors Palace, situated in Kempton Park, Johannesburg. Emperors Palace boasts with ample parking and a number of shops to provide food and beverages as well.

Largest Reptile Expo in SA

SOS² Reptile Expo has proven to be the biggest expo of its kind. In 2009 exhibitors broke reptile sales records and exceeded any previous shows targets.

Large Variety Of Reptiles

You are guaranteed to see a larger variety of reptiles on display than what any snake park or zoo in South Africa has to offer.

Cages & Accessories

Besides animals being sold there are also a variety of cages and accessories available, as well as clothing and educational courses being advertised.

National and International Visitors

In the past visitors have come from all over SA and a few even flew in from other countries to come see the reptiles we have available here in South Africa. Many thousands of people attended the expos to browse through or even just to come and see all types of fascinating reptiles on display.

Swaziland Antivenom Fund

The community project for 2009 was the Swaziland Antivenom Fund, which was a success and with the aid of the reptile community were able to buy a number of vials of SAVP anti venom and hand it over to the contact person in Swaziland whom has put it to good use.

"This has been an absolutly amazing time here. It's inspiring to see a market like this exploding."


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