About a week ago the reptile world was shocked to hear about the fire which broke out at the centre where Animaniacs had just opened their new shop. The fire, which supposedly started at the restaurant, spread quickly through the thatched roofed centre.

Henry Kemp received a call that the security had phoned about a fire and went to see as he was closest to the centre.  On arrival he saw the fire and in a panic he tried to save some of his animals which were housed in the on site quarantine facility.

Unfortunately the fire spread too rapidly and when Henry came out of the building he fell into the fire. He was apparently tol to jump in the Koi pond to extinguish the flames, where the paramedics aparently found him.

Henry was transferred to Glenwood Burn unit whereafter he was transferred to Milpark Hospital where he is currently being treated. Henry has received 2nd degree burns to his arms and 3rd degree burns to his legs. Luckily he had fallen onto the box of snakes, which saved his chest and face from being burnt. Unfortunately most of the animals in the box were not that fortunate and perished in the fire.

Henry has now developed an infection in his legs and has been sedated to assist with the healing as he is in excrutiating pain. Once his wounds have healed a bit, the doctors will be reconstructing his shin muscles from muscles taken elsewhere and he will be transferred to a rehabilitation centre where he will have to learn to walk again.

Henry’s wife and family miss him dearly, but are greatful that he is alive. Sam, Henry’s wife, is trying to keep the business afloat and trying to care for the animals which did survive this ordeal.

The reptile community has stood united and several initiatives have been put forward to raise money to assist the Kemp family. Some fund raising events will also be hosted at the SOS Reptile Expo, being held on the 4th & 5th May 2013 at Emperors Palace.

We keep the Kemp family in our prayers and hope that Henry will make a full recovery.